Finding an honest, healthy energy bar is challenging.  The whole energy bar craze has somewhat slowed down because the market is just saturated with highly processed and sugary energy bars. Local Austin company Epic Bar changed the scene with their wonderful buffalo, beef & chicken power bars but that doesn't accommodate vegans and sometimes an animal protein bar is not what one is looking for as a meal replacement or an afternoon snack.  When I'm traveling, I like to spend time perusing local grocery store shelves for new and innovative CPG products and recently I found one I really, really liked in the Washington D.C. Ivy City area at Mom's Organic Market.  It's called Ever Bar, a really quality and delicious bar handcrafted in Maryland.  The bar was very tasty and is made with both hemp protein powder and the whole hemp seeds.  It also contains toasted sesame seeds which really add flavor and texture.  The ingredients include a little honey and a little tapioca syrup to sweeten it just a bit bringing the sugars to 9g.  I usually like a bar that is under 8g of sugar but that's just my personal preference.  These bars pack so many amino acids and fatty acids and really filled me up so I think the nutritional benefits outweigh that extra gram of sugar I usually avoid, especially since it contains 7 grams of fiber.  I'll have to scour my local grocery shelves to see if I can find this but if not, their product can be ordered thru Amazon or on their website at