People often ask me, when they see me snacking on something that they've never seen before, what is that and where did you get it?  I have a knack for discovering quality products on store shelves.  I don't know how but my eye immediately notices and is drawn to certain bottles or packages or bags.  Guess that's the whole purpose of the graphic artist who is designing packaging for a food company.  Nevertheless, I've been wanting to start a blog for a very long time to showcase some of my finds.  Today is the day I begin.  And, I begin with Perfect Bar.  I discovered it a week ago and keep going back to buy more for myself and my husband.  The mini bar is the perfect size for me yet they also make a larger size.  It makes for a perfect afternoon snack...something I appreciate when I start to lose steam.  I like to enjoy it with a green apple so I'm having a bit of fiber along with it.   In addition to nut butter it's made with honey....and, that makes it a little on the sweet side.  It's non GMO, contains 5 grams of protein and comes in two flavors....Peanut Butter or Almond Butter.  I found it in the cold section at Wheatsville Coop on S. Lamar and it's made in San Diego.  Gonna keep these around for snack attacks for sure!