I've never been much of a Central American coffee lover.  I prefer Sumatra, Kenyan or Ethiopian coffee beans....until I was introduced to this coffee.  I actually am more excited about getting up to make coffee each morning in my French Press than ever before.  Growing up in Louisiana, I developed a taste for rich, flavorful, strong coffee.  Over the last several years I had my "go to" coffee shops around Austin and I loved what I was drinking usually.  I would buy the beans from those stores directly or purchase them from my favorite upscale grocery stores around town.  When Machine Head Coffee opened up on S. Congress Avenue recently I was introduced to something completely different and I have to admit I have been converted to a locally-roasted coffee, from Costa Rica, called Wild Gift.  This coffee is truly unlike anything I have ever had before and I am absolutely in love with it.  In looking at their website I see that it can be purchased directly online (http://www.wildgiftcoffee.com).   I however purchased a bag at Machine Head Coffee (4917 S. Congress Ave) and had Nolan Green, the owner, grind it for me.   The one I am addicted to is the Cafe Vida.  It's such a pleasure to wake up knowing what deliciousness I have to look forward to.