I love quick snacks to carry me over in between meals.  I prefer them to be healthy of course and energizing rather than draining resulting in a nap.  This week I discovered Enlightened (the brand that brings healthier ice cream pops to the marketplace -- the salted caramel is amazing -- Roasted Broad Bean Crisps, Sriracha flavored.  They are very tasty, crunchy and contain 5g of fiber and 7g of protein making it for me, a terrific snack to keep in my purse or in the car for emergency snack attacks.  Their packaging suggests tossing them in a salad to add crunch or sprinkling on a soup for added flavor and protein.  Both good ideas.  They are gluten free and vegan with straight forward ingredients.  I found them at a small market in South Austin (Live Oak Market) but they can be ordered on Amazon or at GNC stores.  I have a feeling you'll find them in large grocery store chains soon.