I love discovering new CPG (consumer product goods) products and when I find an exceptional one you can bet I will shout it out to the world.  This morning for breakfast we enjoyed Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle Mix.  I liked it so much I may just go out and buy myself a waffle maker!  This mix consists of almonds, coconut flour, cassava, eggs and Monk Fruit.  We tossed in some fresh blueberries (Always pour the mix onto the skillet then add the blueberries...strategically spacing them.  If you mix them into the batter in the bowl they may turn mushy and not give you good results) for additional flavor.  I used coconut oil and a bit of half-and-half rather than just water, as suggested, to the mix.  I never seem to follow a recipe or cooking directions because I like to do things 'my way'!  

This is an excellent product and dd not leave me feeling sluggish after breakfast had I eaten my usual pancakes.  One cup makes 2 rather large pancakes and 1 was certainly filling enough for me.  I found this product at Whole Foods.   #CPGfind