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Austin's Capital Kitchens Uses City Rebate to Boost Clients' Waste Diversion!

Stacy Savage

Founder & President, Zero Waste Strategies, LLC

Over the past couple of months, our team at Zero Waste Strategies has been working with Capital Kitchens to not only expand their current recycling program, but to implement a new composting program! 

Using the City of #Austin's $1,800 business rebate, the commercial kitchen is now able to offer its 30+ clients, consisting of caterers, food trucks owners, chocolatiers, and others, the opportunity to lessen their environmental impacts through waste diversion from landfills!

We provided a comprehensive on-boarding process through education training and revised the company's contract language to reflect client agreements with the new policies. The program was well received and the clients of Capital Kitchens are excited to now claim #ZeroWaste operations and establish a green marketing edge over their competitors!

Big thanks to owner, Trish Foreman Wesevich, for her long-term vision for sustainability and to Morgan Whitney for her tireless efforts in helping businesses discover operational efficiencies.