Start Small, Finish Big

Capital Kitchens is a launchpad for your food or beverage concept.  We have created a nurturing atmosphere for startups mixed with experienced food vendors.  A big barrier to starting a food business in Austin is the expense of building out or leasing a commercial kitchen.  Furthermore, there are tremendous expenses involved in running a large commercial kitchen.  Capital Kitchens exists to help you overcome that obstacle.  We are a fully-equipped, commercially- licensed, shared-use kitchen in Austin, Texas, allowing you to build your business on an as-needed basis with lowered risk and minimized start-up costs.

All sectors of the industry are welcome:

CPG food & beverage
Artisan food & beverage
Mobile food & beverage
Caterers, Personal Chefs, Bakers, Chocolatiers, Frozen Desserts

Come launch your startup in one of our kitchens!

"Some start big, some start small, all are welcome." -- Trish Wesevich, Owner

Shared Spaces

Capital Kitchens South is a 3,600 square foot, full-service, shared-use commercial kitchen.   Chef's area, baking area, beverage area and multiple prep areas are shared by our food entrepreneurs.  Commercial users have access to hourly or monthly rental of the facilities and the equipment.

Capital Kitchens Central is a Chef Center hosting some of Austin’s finest chefs in a collaborative space. Our chefs run their own meal delivery businesses, catering companies, fine dining services, culinary classes and personal chef services.

Mobile food Trucks

Our kitchen can serve as a commissary or central preparation facility for your mobile food business.  We have an easy-access gray water drain outside of both of our facilities with a fresh water fill-up station.  We also love to help promote your business thru our social networking groups and will keep you up-to-date on City of Austin/Travis County policies.  We can guide you to join the Austin Food Trailer Chamber as well to help support your mobile food business.


Capital Kitchens is always building its far-reaching network and affiliation in our culinary community will prove to be beneficial to your food startup.  No longer will you have to "re-invent the wheel" with your food product when you choose to become a member of Capital Kitchens' community of entrepreneurs.  We are very entrenched in Austin's food community (and even beyond) and can help you every step of the and customized to your needs.   

We can advise you on packaging, label rules & regulations, label designers, food scientists, food consultants, legal experts, HAACP plan professionals, insurance reps, food photographers, investors, accelerators, cold & dry storage facilities and food and beverage networking groups.